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The radio is a medium for everyone and listened to by everyone, regardless of education, place of residence, or profession.

The radio accompanies us from the wee hours of the morn. We wake up with it and are within its reach throughout the majority of the day. We begin our day to the dynamic sounds of morning radio and remain with it until the evening. Every day from Monday to Friday over million Poles and Polish – Americans between the ages of fifteen and seventy five listen to the radio station on POLSKI FM 92.7 and 640 AM

Why is the radio good for your business?

When listening to radio, we are definitely less likely to change the station in order to avoid commercials or advertisements, in contrast to when watching television.

A radio advertisement allows for quick reaction

The process of production, planning, and realization of a radio campaign or ad occurs much more rapidly than in other mediums. This allows for immediate reaction to the ever – changing marketplace. The process from the commission of a radio campaign to its realization can even take less than twenty – four hours. The cost of production of a radio advertisement is relatively low, which facilitates the creation of many radio concepts with a low outlay.

A radio advertisement directly affects the making of a purchase

Regular radio listening hours overlap the working hours of shops. A well – timed advertisement that is directed at a specific product may induce a client鈥檚 desire and result in the product鈥檚 immediate purchase.

Studies conducted in the United States confirm the immense influence of the radio when it comes to purchases. During the hour prior to buying groceries, 50% of buyers listen to the radio, 20% watch television, and only 13% read the newspaper.

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